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Fall Out Boy.

So, you have been selected to be my little brother or sister for the FOBConfessions Little Brother/Sister project! My name is Megan Garcia. I hail from our favorite boys very own hometown of Chicago. I feel a great sense of pride when i think about it sometimes. I also feel very greedy because i wish Fall Out Boy could play shows in Chicago all the time. But then i remember we have to share them with the rest of the world, and that's a good thing!
I am to be sharing with you stories, feelings, experiences and knowledge as an older Fall Out Boy fan. Now for me, being and older fan DOES NOT IN ANYWAY MEAN WE ARE BETTER THEN THE NEWER FANS! We are all fans of the very same people who write the very same music. Hell i wish i could have been there from the beginning, i think a majority of us wish that. But it just isn't so!
I had first heard Fall Out Boy during the summer of '05 while FUSE would play constantly on my TV. I always had it running. "Sugar We're Goin' Down" would play almost on repeat because that's how popular it was becoming. Back then i would be busy cleaning up my house or fluttering about so i never paid attention to the video, so i really didn't know what the boys looked like from the get go. I was perfectly fine with that, had my own summer crushes going on anyway.
High school started for me that fall and i started to become more of my own person. It took a little bit but I got there. I was a big fan of Green Day, All American Rejects, and My Chemical Romance at the time. While on Spring Break in '06 i got an itch to look up this band Fall Out Boy. After i did i realized they were the guys who sang that "Sugar..." song and that i actually liked their music, a lot. From that week on i had been hooked. I wanted to be a part of it all. I really couldn't do much as i was pretty broke at the time, so all i could do was read about them on the internet and in magazines.
Since i did't have money at the time a new friend of mine bought me my own copy of From Under The Cork Tree for my birtdhay that year. It was the greatest gift anyone has given me. That year Fall Out Boy went on to do the Black Clouds and Underdogs tour. I wasn't able to go but a friend of mine did. I begged her to buy me something from the show with the only $20 bucks i had. The next day she called me over to pick up what she had gotten me. That day i received my first piece of Fall Out Boy merch, it was a messenger bag that had a logo on it. Ever since i started wearing it to school i was known as Fall Out Girl. That was an honor considering my school was about 7 stories high and two buildings with tousnads of kids attending.
Over the year i become a bigger and bigger fan with every song of theirs i heard. I collected their past CDs, went on a hunt for Release The Bats and My Heart Will Always Be The B-Side To My Tongue. I always hoped and prayed one day i could go see them, but that day never came. The following year in 2007 word was out that FOB was going to be releasing a new album called Infinity On High. I was over the moon about this. These were back in the Myspace days, so i was able to hear the album before i even got it in my hands. But the night my mother did get it for me, i stayed up all night and listened to it with the biggest grin on my face.
Alittle time passed and a tour was announced, Honda Civic Tour with +44 (which had two memebers of Blink-182 and i didn't really realize it at the time.) The Academy Is..., Paul Waul, and Cobra Starship. You best believe i begged my mom up and down to get me at least one ticket. She was making better money then before so she bought me two tickets for my birthday. I ended up taking my best friend at the time.
When concert time came i was ecstatic. It was a very unreal thing for me. To see all of these songs that had been sung to me as i tried to sleep was such a new feeling for me. Yes i did cry when they started off their set with "Thriller". That song is still one of the most amazing songs a band has written for their fans ever. Just as it came it was over very fast. Since they had a new album i now had videos and pictures on and off tour to freak about. I was at my friends house almost everyday that summer changing songs on my myspace and checking in on FreindsOrEnemies.com to see how the boys were doing.
Time rolled on and before i knew it it was already 2008. I was destracted by all these other bands but knew there were rumors of FOB getting back in to the studio. Months had passed and fall out boy stared to do weird things. There were many randomn things that were leading up to this new album. On Dec. 16, 2008 they released Folie A Deux. Being happy was an  understatement. This was super big stuff. That Christmas my friend got it for me for Christmas. I played it out. They started to tour again, but by that time i had no money once again because my mother had lost her job and the money i earned from working at school i had to use on other things.
As the year started coming to a close, things were getting super weird at the Fall Out Boy camp. Talks about a greatest hits album was in the works. We started seeing super weird links and puzzles. Things we had to find and put together. There was a point where we had to enter our address in to this website. We were all so super worried. Thinking back on this time there was so much sleep lost and so many tears shed. I made friends over this time that i still talk to today. At last work was out and we got a Greatest Hits album. But a few days later along with the album we got the news of the hiatus.
I'd like to say i don't think i have ever cried so hard over a band in my life, but i would soon learn what it was like to cry over the death of a bandmember later on in December. (I am also an avid Avenged Sevenfold fan.) My friends and i spent much time in a funk over this. Wishing it wasn't true. eventually we had to accept the truth and live our lives. But we once never gave up hope that our boys would soon return.
Three years had passed and rumors were always swirling around about them coming back. Nothing was a serious as the things that were coming up in January of 2013. My friends and i are very good and snooping around and so were a bunch of people online. Feb. 4 2013 came and they announced it. Fall Out Boy was back. I have never had a rush of happiness go through me in all of my life. Even when i met them back in 2009 i was not as happy as i was in that moment.
After that time everything became a blur in my fangirl life because of some of my other favorite bands doing things. Long story short because this is getting super long, my friends found me a ticket to see the boys at the Riviera on May 16, 1013. I had also won passes to see them perform at JBTV studios the day before. As they announced that they would be performing at Riot Fest this year, i bought my three day passes for that as well. I will take every chance i get to go see these four men perform songs that helped save my life. They mean everything to me. I haven't gotten the chance to tell them that yet, but hopefully one day i will.
I hope my little story didn't bore you. This band has been my life ever since the summer of 2005. As a fan said on their "B-Side" DVD, "I'd die for Fall Out Boy." They have given me so many things over the years. On of those major things being happiness. They have taught me to be myself and try new things. Get out there and get involved in things you believe in. No matter what it is. Help to change the world and make it a better place. We only have once chance to make the most of what we have. It's not a bad thing to have a kick ass soundtrack while we do it either.

Happy 29th Birthday Jimmy!!!!!

I got decked out in my A7X ear rings. :)


Wrote a pretty  letter...even though it doesn't look so pretty....


Went out and bought one balloon (i couldn't buy more, and there's a blizzard out side, i felt carefree with the balloon, when i was walking home i kinda felt weird with out it..... )


There is the pretty letter in side the balloon. i got it at a cool angle, you can see his name on it. ^_^


And then i watched it go until i could not see it anymore.

I have never spent so much money willingly on Merch/CD's/Concerts then i have with Fall Out Boy.

I have never felt more accepted in my life then i have as a Fall Out Boy fan.

I have never felt so many emotions in my life before thanks to Pete Wentz.

I have never defended a band or musician more in my life than i have for Fall Out Boy or Pete Wentz himself.

I have never felt the true love of music until I became a Fall Out Boy fan.

....scratch all of that....

i'm not going to list it all, i'm going to try and tell you what it is i have felt and done over the past five years because of Fall Out Boy.

At the moment the single song that got me hooked on these guys is playing in my ears as i type... that song is "Sugar We're Going Down". Now i know some of you are saying "Aw man, this chicks a wannabe diehard teenie fangirl."

...ok.. well jokes on me, i kinda am... but at the time this song was being impaled in to my head while i was cleaning my house i will tell you the god honest truth... the whole summer i heard this song i never even payed attention to what the guys looked like.... I just liked the song. And that's what it's about, the music.

then months passed, went to high school, made friends and gained music interest... also known as having a sudden itch to look up a band because i felt like it and had a new cell phone with internet on it....

so i spent the first day of my spring break back in '06 looking up everything and anything Fall Out Boy.... that was also the day i read my first FanFiction... but that's beside the point.

FunFact: first Fall Out Boy poster i ever owned-->Photobucket

by the end of the week i had fallen in love with the band and boys known as Fall Out Boy. I had/have never been so proud to be from Chicago in my life. To have this band come from some of the same areas i grew up in was beyond me. and i loved it.Photobucket

by my birthday which was a week or two away i had received my first actual copy of F.U.C.T... or for those of you not so inclined with Fall Out Boy, From Under the Cork Tree, from a person who i didn't know well but is now one of the only people i talk to on a daily basis anymore. (And i should really thank her more often for buying me that CD.)Photobucket

I had never felt like some one understood me so much in my life before. What Pete wrote and Patrick sang just ...idk what it did to me but what ever it was was amazing, and i'm so glad it happened.

(along with amazing feeling, i also started to realize more and more that i wanted to be a singer, not just any singer though, a singer like Patrick, he knows music... he lives and breathes it, and i want to do that.) Photobucket

i had missed their concerts(they did a secret show a few block from my house... a free one at that....), or not had money for them, but friends still supported my new found love and i had gotten pictures and posters and a friend even bought the very back pack at a concert that i am known around my old high school for as Fall Out GirlPhotobucket, because no one loved them as much as me.Photobucket (<-- logo on backpack)

Christmas of 2006 came and i bought my first Fall Out Boy shirt. and i treasure that thing so much, it's crazy.

then February of 2007 Came around and -GASP- what's this, a new Fall Out Boy album on the 6th, it couldn't be....well it was.Photobucket and my mom bought that Album for me. I never felt chills while listening to music before...and let me tell you, there were a lot, there were also tears to be had while listening to "Thriller" Photobucket

She also bought me tickets to see them on Sunday June 10th 2007.Photobucket opening acts were (in this order) Cobra Starship, Paul Wall, The Academy Is... and +44. That was one of the single best nights of my life. Pete even waved at a group of us before going on stage. people were so nice to me, i got to jam out with people and danced with a random guy who i think was drunk during "this ain't a scene". I have a Beer Bong shaped like a guitar with confetti from when "Sugar We're Going Down" was played and when they played "Saturday"... and i cried that night, hell i went home the next day and cried while listening to "Infinity On High" because that night was amazing.Photobucket
Photobucket (<-- i went to HCT with her. she touched pete hand. :P)

and as you couldn't tell, listening to them opened my eyes to other wonderful bands that i also call some of my favorite bands like Panic! At The DiscoPhotobucket, The Academy Is...Photobucket, Cobra StarshipPhotobucket, Gym Class HeroesPhotobucket, The Hush SoundPhotobucket, The CAB,Photobucket and The Sounds.Photobucket

 I didn't get to see them again on their Fall tour but the following year in 2008 i got to go to Clandestine Industries for the first time in my life...( i missed meeting Pete by five minutes... >.> )Photobucket

and my birthday may have been shit that year but i bought my self a gift that will always remind me of Honda Civic Tour 2007 for the rest of my life.(*** Live in Phoenix )Photobucket

As that year went on we were getting hints that were leading to a new Fall Out Boy album that was supposed to come out on Election Day but they had to post pone the release.Photobucket I received Folie A Deux for Christmas that year. I had never been blown away  that much in my life.  It is an amazing album if i do say so my self.

2009 came and i missed them on their Chicago stop of the Believers Never Die part Deux tour, but all was made up for on May 16th 2009. Why you ask, oh well idk... just that i got to meet Fall Out Boy (hell i almost didn't get to meet them, but that's a WHOLE other post.)  and no i'm not bragging, this is part of the post -shrugs- Meeting them was awesome, Given i made an ass out of my self while wearing bunny ears it was still an epic day for mePhotobucket(<-- yes it was because of this pic that i wore them... DON'T JUDGE >.<). i also got a hug from Pete. Thought he would have like cringed or said no but he got up off his chair and gave me a hug. It was awesome. My 2009 was made at that very moment. Photobucket

so, later on in the year (like a couple of weeks later) i had finally gotten internet access in my home. I was now able to go on my FanFic frenzy like i had done before on my cell phone. I came across a story on FanWorks.org and could not get enough of it. I would check it everyday to see if the author had posted up the next chapter. When the story was finished i kept in touch with the author, she is now one of my very best friends, even though she is in Texas. I still love her to death (and we will one day move to Canada to go be with our number three of the group who is mention a paragraph or two down.lol)

why am i telling you about her? well as twitter became more popular later on in the year Fall Out Boy decided to give us something to do and make a viral campaign for their Greatest Hits album (still say it's too early for it but whateves.) ( oh and to let you know that was hell for us all, so many emotions were let out over the internet... it was a messy experience :S)

i have never been more tired in my life after that. My friend, a friend of hers (who is also a friend of mine now) and myself had done so much snooping on the internet it was not even funny. But it all paid off in the end. We got two new amazing songs and a DVD with every single Fall Out Boy video on it and a picture that i am one day hoping to print out and frame on my wall that is a big thank you from the guys them selves.Photobucket(i just realized that Alpha Dog isn't on there -_-...fail on their part.)

along with the Greatest Hits album came the news that our wonderful boys were going on a break. I have been ok with that for a while now. up until feb 1st 2010 when Pete was acting a little nutty and decided to tell everyone things that should have been kept to him self.... and that's when the rumors sparked... That Fall Out Boy was over, that they had finally "Fallen Out" (pun intended).

I don't want  to get in to it so much because it still kinda angers me but of course, Andy comes to our aid and lets us know the truth, which is... no one knows what's really going on but when the time is right we all will.

I also wanted to do this because i got the idea from Alex Deleon of The CAB, and i love what he said at the end of his blog, "no one can take fall out boy away from us…not even them personally." and i agree with him. And i understand where he's coming from.

so here is to the four guys who have influenced me over the past five years like nobodies business.Photobucket they will always be in my head and heart as they are on break and working on other things that make them happy, because if they're happy, then so am i.

Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan and Weight Loss

Ok so, that is one of the shittiest topics i can think of right now, but first, another shitty one:

Yesterday we lost our beloved Avenged Sevenfold drummer known as Jimmy "The Rev" Sullivan. Words can not express how sorrowful i am right now. I would love to just blast Avenged Sevenfold all day but at the moment i can't. He will forever be in my heart and thoughts as well as the Bands, His family's and his many many fan's hearts. He maybe gone but he is never forgotten.

I have been thanking the #GCFam for helping the #A7XFam very much, and i will keep doing so. the #GCFam are fans of Avenged Sevenfold as well. So we all end up supporting each other... Lets just say it's an amazing support system. <3

#RIPTheRev I love you Jimmy! We now have a St. Jimmy to look up to when we are down. Rock the heck out of the heavens for us please.



may he rest in peace

Now on to some other dreadful news: I am going start working out again, that mean less time on teh interwebs at night and day. I need to catch up on sleep so i might be going to bed a little bit earlier, depends on the night and how things are going. But ANYWAY, i might not be able to do the workouts that Rooney and Peeny are doing (Beth Raebel and Justin Pierre) but i still can use the site she gave me ( http://www.myfitnesspal.com/ ) and she says i can update her with my progress which is awesome!!!  i will also be updating you all as well so look for that :)

Created by MyFitnessPal - Free Calorie Counter

with this being said i ask for your support in my goal and i am now done :D (look out for my next blog about my plans for college and my future)

my belief in my favorite bands

So last night while i was half a sleep i went on FBR_Secrets here on LiveJournal. That was the worst move i coulda made. In my half asleep state i ended up reading things that could be true or untrue about may favorite bands. I wish i could unread them all. It made me doubt them SO much it's not funny. I couldn't even listen to my favorite singer before i went to bed. The Panic! and FOB stuff i could brush of because i've met them, i know they are super nice to their fans and that they do a bunch of shit for us, sometimes they might not have a smile on their face, that doesn't mean that they don't like it. But i realized that one part of why it bugged me so much about The Academy Is... and Cobra Starship is because i haven't met them yet, i can't judge on what these people are saying. Given there are a bunch of good things being said, but it's sad that the things that stick out to me are the bad ones.

But i have decided that i will not pay attention to any of it. I will be the one to judge my favorite bands for my self. Sorry if you had a bad experience but I for one will not pay for it by you posting up bull shit that might not even be true.

I am going to keep seeing The Academy Is... as an awesome Chicago band with a token Aussie in it.
I am going to keep thinking of Cobra Starship as the best dam party band out there with a soft spot for their home and fans.
I am going to keep thinking of Panic! @ The Disco as an amazing band that got me in to Ruffles, accordions, made me love the roaring 20's all the more and has the second best dam singer i have ever heard.
and for good measure because they were once on the FBR label I will always know Fall Out Boy as the band that saved mine and many kids lives. I will know them as Joe the awesome jew guitarist who has a move named after him, Andy the vegan animal activist who is also straight edge and cares about the fans enough to talk to us on twitter, Patrick the whitest guy i know who has more soul in his voice then some R&B singers(he's my hero singer for that), and last but never least Peter lewis kingston Wentz the third, My hero, they guy who may say he doesn't care about what people say and think but deep down you know he does, why BECAUSE HE'S HUMAN. He knows he is.

All of these guys(and Vicky-T) are and that's just fine with me.



♫ "Yule Shout Your Eye Out" ♫

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S90iPKnjzqg (This is the first video of the song i had seen on youtube, can't believe it's still there)

The first time i had heard this song was the same night I had bought my first Fall Out Boy shirt.

Walking through Spencer's (Gift shop) i didn't realize that there was Christmas music playing until i heard a familiar voice over the speaker. That was a "Win" moment for me.

Now three years later My Best Friend wants me to sing that very song to him as a singing telegram when i give him his Christmas card this year.

It's never Christmas
if I don't hear this song, Just thought i'd share that with those of you who actually read this.

Haven't been on here in a while...

So yeah... many things have happened....(this is the first of some blogs that i might do about things that have happened for the past few months)not like any body really reads my blogs but i guess i feeling like i want to write something.

Well, as any of you know, i am a HUGE Fall Out Boy fan, and no not just because I'm big boned. But yeah, they were putting the fans on a wild goose chase a while back, i was SO apart of that, along with two new friends i had made over the summer
named @GCTilla and @DuctTapeSilver, and my friend bunniewabbit (who you can find in my friend list :] )
We had all lost sleep and tilla even stayed home from work one of those days.
So when we thought it was over, it wasn't, another timer had popped up. Later we find out that an up and coming musician named @AllyCupcake had hijacked Pete and the rest of Fall Out Boy's viral campaign.
We were all royally pissed, but she apologized for it and we have become good friends with her. While we were trying to figure out what the hell was going on and why were were giving our address to FOB, a guy named @alexthefob (he goes by @kidcandor now) had made a hashtag on twitter called #rxandclue where we could post up things that we found out and share them with each other. That was the best idea some one could have done besides the #abracadabra hashtag. I have met some amazing people because of it. These are people i now talk to on a daily basis, heck, i'm even sending some of them christmas cards and gifts, which is a pretty amazing feeling, to know that i have friends in other states or countries for that matter.

Well months later days around when the Greatest Hits album was to come out(yes thats right, the goose chase was for that, but it was well worth it.) we had received a website called thefortsixthirtytwo.com .well, we all flipped, it was a giant thank you from fall out boy. They made a picture with everyone's names who signed up for the campaign. At that moment, i was one of the happiest fans in the world. The band that i had put four years of loving/defending/listening/time in to was now thanking me. this was @petewentz's tweet that explained the site->(@petewentz 4632 remember we warned you not to enter. thanks for everything over the years guys)
For me and my fellow FOB fans, that day could not have gone any better, our names were now plastered forever(unless it gets deleted, and if so i will be pissed, but it's cool because we all got to save the picture) as FOBfans, to show our commitment to them, as well as their commitment to us.
It's also amazing because i was also able to thank Andy personally through a tweet, and he did tweet back, which was pretty amazing.

ok, so i'm done with that rant for now.... i just had to express my gratitude for them some how, this is prolly the only way i can. =\

i <3 @GCTilla, @ducttapesilver, @cyanidelacedtea, @jessimetro, @Chelicamisado,
@shutupjemma, @pantanamo, @buterflybandage, @chicago_hxc2, @FTSKbrittnay, @kidcandor, @mrs_sandman, @allycupcake

and of course the boys who made it happen @falloutboy, @petewentz, @xsavedgex @trohman

and i will admit, "Sugar We're Going Down" and "What A Catch, Donnie" did play while i wrote this, and i did tear up.

it's hard when..

you have the best and worst day all together in one day, to have woken up at 4:30(unwillingly when i was going to wake up at 5:30) walk to that one persons house(fucking bus did not want to show up at all) almost go back to sleep(with him on the bed ofcorse) then have the second most longest drive of your life(the longest comes later in the story) hang with people you don't know all day(most of the boys were nice, girls are never nice if they think you are after their man) end up with a headache that sucks so much that you can't even eat anything(and when you do, you get all nauseous, and thats the worst on a HOUR AND A HALF car ride home,because yes we did get lost in the middle of but fuck nowhere) and then when he drove me home i felt numb(which i don't think was very good). once i got home i took an hour nap and some ibruprofin and felt almost good as new and ready to take on anything. ->this is where the good part of the day kicks in-> went out with out a care in the world, wanted to go to the movies but ended up going bowling with three of the best people ever....my days get longer but i can find things to fill my time.... i just have to look.now it is 2:20 am...i have almost been up for a full 24 hours with barely any food (cause of headache) but i feel like..... kinda successful, because i am doing things i wanted to do this summer with people that i wanted to do them with(sounds so wrong i know but it's ok, take it how you must)

why are you...

taking me way to seriously on here, plus people just relax......

what do you do when

the person you love is your best friend, and they are super shallow...

need to think of better things to write about, boys in bands are cooler to write about.